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Affordable Arched Tiny Homes: A Perfect Blend of Style and Function

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Dream House Within Reach.

Finding an affordable yet stylish residence may seem impossible in today’s housing market. Thanks to companies like Arched Cabins, however, that dream is well within reach! Arched Cabins specializes in designing and building stylish yet budget-conscious cabins which can be utilized in various ways for various uses.

Versatile and Spacious Interiors

One of the hallmarks of tiny homes is their surprising spacious interiors. Even at their compact sizes, cabins with spacious interiors allow plenty of room for various needs and preferences to be met comfortably – for example a cabin equipped with an ingenious staircase leading up to an upper floor offers maximum space utilization while adding charm to living areas.

Customization Options Are Endless

Arched Cabins provide homeowners with numerous customization options to meet individual tastes and preferences, from neutral colors, vibrant red hues and lush green shades – even Hawaii Blue – giving homeowners an array of customization possibilities that allow them to build dwellings which truly represent them and their style.

Durability and Warranty Services available

Durability should always be top-of-mind when investing in real estate. Arched Cabins provides peace of mind through its 40-year warranty; constructed using high quality materials that promise long lasting strength and resilience – you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected no matter whether it be an 8-foot cabin or 24-foot one!

Options Available to Suit Your Needs

Arched Cabins offer incredible flexibility. These cabins can serve multiple functions including vacation homes, retirement residences, animal shelters, RV shelters or hunting lodges – the possibilities truly are limitless! Additionally, Arched Cabins can be fully insulated and finished for comfortable living space inside.

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Arched Cabins offers an attractive solution for those searching for ways to save money, with DIY options allowing for significant cost reduction while creating your dream home with pride and dignity. While Arched Cabins does provide move-in ready solutions, building it yourself provides greater customization potential and greater savings over the course of its construction process.

Experienced and Effectiveness are Critical Components to Success

David Cruey leads Arched Cabins as its founder. With decades of experience in small house construction, Cruey understands what goes into crafting durable yet cost-effective and visually appealing structures – hallmarks of success for any successful enterprise. Arched Cabins operates manufacturing facilities in Houston’s Cypress district as well as having its own dedicated construction crew in Timberon New Mexico.

Foundation Options and the Building Process

Building an Arched Cabin allows for greater versatility when selecting its foundation. From pouring concrete, building on steel pier-and-beam or wooden frame foundation, or building above a cellar – Arched Cabins offers different foundational solutions to fit every customer. Their Build Team consisting of highly skilled professionals can complete exterior rough-in assembly of their cabin kit in as little as three days! Alternatively, DIY enthusiasts could build the kit themselves over one weekend using assistance from friends.

Arched Cabins provide an appealing housing option that’s both cost-effective, stylish, and flexible – Arched Cabins make an appealing housing solution that’s stylish yet economical! Their durable construction, customizable features and wide variety of potential uses makes these tiny houses endlessly customizable to your specific housing needs – whether that’s downsizing, creating vacation retreats for pets, or creating special areas just for them! Start building your Arched Cabin today to experience their charm and functionality for yourself.


These cabins are designed and constructed by Arched Cabins.