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Introducing ‘Verkas’ – A Unique Modular Home with a 5-Year Living Space

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Are you looking for a unique living space that offers both comfort and versatility? Look no further than ‘Verkas,’ a modular home located in Minitopia Poeldonk, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This extraordinary dwelling comes with a self-designed and self-built structure, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


A Flexible Living Environment

One of the standout features of ‘Verkas’ is an A-frame greenhouse that can be moved along a rail system. This innovative design allows for a flexible living environment where you can adapt to the changing seasons and maximize natural light. The total area of the house, including the greenhouse, spans 73 square meters.


Exquisite Features and Layout

As you enter ‘Verkas,’ you’ll find an open kitchen on your right-hand side and a bathroom. Towards the back, there’s a spacious living room that connects seamlessly to the greenhouse through a sliding door. The greenhouse section boasts a generous seating area and even includes a bathtub, creating a unique relaxation space.

A staircase leads you to the first floor, where you’ll discover the bedroom with a large indoor balcony offering panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding meadow. The construction year of the house is 2018, and the living area measures 37 square meters, while the greenhouse covers 36 square meters.

Price and Availability

The asking price for ‘Verkas’ is €125,000, excluding the land/plot. It’s important to note that the Minitopia living space is available for occupancy until 2028. The house is situated on a plot of approximately 210 square meters and can accommodate up to two people.

Additional Amenities and Benefits

  • Open kitchen equipped with built-in appliances, including a refrigerator, induction cooktop, extractor hood, and combination microwave.
  • Bathroom with a vanity unit, shower, toilet, and ventilation.
  • Living room with additional storage space underneath.
  • Bedroom featuring a built-in bed frame measuring 1.6m x 2m.
  • Mobile enclosed greenhouse with a gate and two side doors.
  • Deck surrounding the house.
  • Garden with a stunning view, seating area, vegetable garden, pergola, and wood storage.
  • External storage facility within the Minitopia area.
  • Independent utility connections for electricity, water, and sewage.
  • Fiber-optic internet connection.
  • Shared parking space within Minitopia.
  • Demountable design, allowing for potential future relocation of the house.
  • Possibility of registering the house with the municipality.
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Verkas Legal Information and Offer Procedure

The sale of ‘Verkas’ includes a user agreement that is valid for five more years, indicating that the residency is temporary. The land remains the property of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, with a monthly lease fee of €265 for the plot. Utility costs amount to approximately €120 per month, depending on usage.

The house is located within Minitopia, managed by the Minitopia Foundation. The foundation aims to provide residents with the freedom to realize their own housing desires and foster a conscious and collaborative way of living. While there are no specific joint responsibilities mandated, residents frequently organize communal activities.


Under certain conditions, recreational rentals (likely limited to a maximum of 60 days per year) are permitted, which may be appealing to individuals with wanderlust.

As ‘Verkas’ is considered movable property, traditional mortgage financing is not available. Buyers must arrange financing through personal funds or alternative means. The sale will be conducted via a bidding procedure.

Interested in viewing ‘Verkas’ or have any questions about the property? The seller welcomes you to experience what they have created and would also love to receive a motivation letter explaining why you are interested in living in Minitopia. Viewings are available by appointment only.

To learn more about ‘Verkas’ and schedule a visit, please visit the TinyFindy website.