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Discovering the Blue Ridge Cabin: Your Ultimate Family Retreat in Georgia

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Nestled high up a mountaintop in Blue Ridge, Georgia lies an idyllic log cabin that perfectly captures the spirit of family vacation. Available for rental, it provides guests with an exciting glimpse into life as an authentic log home owner while boasting gorgeous mountaintop views and rustic charm with modern amenities – making this cabin an irresistibly charming holiday spot!

Log Cabin Rental Price

Average $139 per night, depending upon season and number of guests.

porches on back of cabin with stairs to hill leading down mountain

Log Cabin Size

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 5 beds with the ability to sleep up to 8 guests comfortably

Exterior Design: Fusing Rustic Charm with Modern Comfort

Blue Ridge Cabin’s exterior is an architectural delight, featuring two main floors, an unfinished basement and generous porches on all four sides that allow sunlight to filter in while offering stunning views – offering the ideal respite from daily routine.

One of the stand-out features of this cabin is its “screened” porch – providing allure without bugs or pests; indulging further is its luxurious addition of a hot tub located underneath its deck that makes the ideal setting to unwind after an active day outdoors.

porch view across trees to moutain

Interior Layout: Cozy Living Spaces

Inside your cabin you will discover an inviting combination of rustic elements and modern amenities, featuring wooden floor, ceiling and walls enhanced by stone accents complemented by furnishings, kitchen equipment and available Wi-Fi – giving it an authentic cabin feeling while simultaneously being contemporary in spirit.

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The cabin’s main floor boasts an open plan design that connects living, dining and kitchen into one cohesive area. Bedrooms and a bathroom can be found tucked down a hallway for extra privacy when required.

dark brown leather sofa in front of fireplace

The Living Room: Cozy Gathering Spot

In the living area is an angle-set fireplace which creates an intimate gathering place while freeing up space for a small loft area. Furthermore, dining tables have been placed against walls so as to enable easy access without restricting movement within the living area.

Behind your fireplace lies an adorable loft nook for children to read, nap or play games in peace and privacy.

stone fireplace between windows in cabin living room

Kitchen: An Ideal Environment to Indulge Your Culinary Creativity

Blue Ridge Cabin features an expansive kitchen that provides ample cabinets and counter space. A long table against the wall makes meal serving easier while its beautiful window above the sink provides picturesque views of nature during dish washing duties.

stainless steel appliances in kitchen with small island

Bedrooms Are Cosy and Private Spaces

This cabin includes three bedrooms, with the master bedroom situated upstairs. Although lacking traditional front doors, all necessary amenities including master bathrooms, chairs, television sets and sofas have been provided to ensure an enjoyable stay for residents.

wood trunk at end of bed with blue and white linens

Two bedrooms on the main level provide plenty of storage and access to a covered porch outside, one featuring charming bunk beds that make an excellent place for children or guests.

Bathrooms: Convenient and Spacious

The bathrooms in a cabin are thoughtfully located and designed. The master bathroom provides ample room for extra storage as well as an elegant bathtub/shower combination; on the main level there’s another spacious and versatile restroom which makes for ideal regular or guest use.

wood walls in bathroom with granite counter and open wall space

Blue Ridge Cabin offers the ideal combination of rustic charm and contemporary amenities, making it the ideal spot for peaceful retreat. Its thoughtful design and beautiful surroundings make this retreat the ideal spot for families.

striped shower curtain next to teal over toilet storage

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