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Inside Colorado’s Stunning Handcrafted Log Home: A Blend of Rustic and Modern

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This tale begins in Florida with a family who, upon two annual ski trips to Colorado, found themselves irrevocably drawn to its stunning vistas and snowcapped mountains. Inspired by this incredible state’s natural splendor and idyllic beauty, they decided to turn their holiday destination into their permanent residence.

Family ventured across Colorado, exploring its wide array of terrain until discovering an idyllic 40-acre parcel in Pitkin County. Though their plan wasn’t to move anytime soon, the trip left them dreaming about building their perfect log house among Colorado mountains – something Florida never had access to before now!

Discovering a Practical Blueprint

Beth, one of the owners, came upon an idyllic log house featured on a magazine cover designed by Montana Log Homes–renowned for their specialty ski-peeled lodgepole pine logs–which captured her heart. Intrigued by this authentic cabin’s rustic charm and authenticity, she and Lanny decided to travel out west for design consultation in Kalispell Montana.

They discovered an existing floor plan that met their vision, then modified it to meet Pitkin County’s stringent building codes. Their design seamlessly combined living room, dining area and kitchen in one continuous space; with an island adorned with stones from their stunning fireplace becoming its heart.

Architectural Excellence : the Great Room and Sunroom

At the center of any log house is unquestionably its great room – an air of grandeur and warmth emanated by cathedral ceilings and an eye-catching fireplace is sure to entice any visitor! In order to meet Pitkin County regulations on house size restrictions, an innovative solution was devised: turning an adjacent open porch into a sunroom without increasing overall square footage would comply with local requirements and comply with them more readily.

At The Center of Activity

The great room sits atop the second-level living spaces and can be easily reached from both an attached two-car garage and two sets of French doors that lead out onto an outdoor covered deck. On this same floor are also located primary living spaces like bedrooms and an interactive recreation zone designed specifically with adolescents in mind.

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Provide A Place For Youngsters To Relax And Learn

The lower level of this log house was designed as an oasis for their sons, boasting a game area, two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and two full baths – giving the kids both privacy and independence in one space.

A Tranquil Retreat

The third level of this house provides a peaceful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of its lower levels. Here you will find two additional bedrooms located opposite each end of a long hallway, along with a TV room and bathroom; all making for an idyllic space to rest or reflect upon life’s adventures.

Realizing Your Dream: The Final Construction Phase

Gabe Butler of Montana Log Homes of Colorado was chosen as their contractor to bring their dream home to fruition. Their team had built the same log house which first inspired this family’s wishful thinking; thus making them ideal candidates for this endeavor.

Family wanted to replicate the exterior design of their original log home, complete with three-story bay-window wings and gingerbread shingles, along with its striking hammerbeam beam trusses in the great room – which meant contracting with a steel fabricator for fabrication services.

An Obituary for Love and Dedication

Handcrafted log homes in Colorado stand as testaments of love for both Colorado and its people; reflecting journey, choices, and desire to create warm homes which blend in harmoniously with its beautiful terrain. One such home in Pitkin County stands as evidence for this story of dedication from one family’s journey – they wanted it as their dream house for many reasons and this house represents that vision perfectly!

Every corner of this house tells a tale – of meticulous planning, unwavering commitment, and deep love for rustic log homes. In the end, this home represents more than simply shelter; rather it serves as an expression of their family journey from Florida to Colorado: one marked by discovery, design and an unyielding desire for their dream house.

Source: Montana Log Homes