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Moon Dragon Tiny House: A Marvelously Unique Fairytale Home

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Are you ready to explore the wonders of tiny houses? Look no further than Zyl Vardos’ Moon Dragon Tiny House; an eye-catching creation straight out of fairy tale. Each unique home in his collection can be customized according to each client’s requirements for maximum fun living!

Zyl Vardos: Who Is His Creative Genius

Zyl Vardos is led by Abel Zyl, an industry pioneer with 10+ years’ experience building tiny houses. Abel’s passion for designing extraordinary living spaces led him to cofound the American Tiny House Association; furthermore he provides consulting services to anyone aspiring to construct their own tiny houses.

Unleashing Creativity in Every Detail

Zyl Vardos’ tiny house designs stand out from the pack by being carefully handcrafted with great care to achieve something truly individual and artistic. His creations stand out with features like their curvy rooflines that recall architectural marvels from fairy tales or storybooks.

Abel takes great pleasure in designing tiny houses featuring his charming round windows – a charming feature which adds character and can be opened at each corner to allow ventilation while adding elegance to each space.

Exploring Moon Dragon Tiny House.

Zyl Vardos’ Moon Dragon Tiny House stands out as a stand-out creation from Abel. Measuring 9.25 by 24 feet in length and boasting an exceptionally spacious interior design.

Attractive and Functional Designs

Built from cedar wood, the Moon Dragon features handmade windows and an ornate Dutch entrance door, exuding both elegance and charm. A whimsical domed roofline adds another whimsical element; providing ample headroom in its sleeping loft which comfortably holds a queen-sized bed.

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On the main level of Abel’s home is an expansive kitchen designed for culinary enjoyment by residents. Additionally, Abel installed an elaborate bathroom complete with vanity, sink and Nature’s Head toilet as well as an exquisite concrete shower featuring glass doors complemented with cork flooring and tongue-and-groove ceiling – truly going above and beyond in his installation of high quality fixtures!

Thoughtful Storage Solutions

Abel understands the necessity of effective storage when living in small living spaces. His Moon Dragon tiny house incorporates two spacious closets in its loft area for ample clothing storage space and personal belongings; additionally, the staircase boasts an ingenious slide-out pantry to maximize every square inch available space.

Access and Affordability (AA).

Zyl Vardos’ tiny houses are not only visually striking, but they’re also highly accessible: shipped anywhere within North America for delivery directly to clients across the continent. At an attractive $110,000 USD price tag, their Moon Dragon tiny house provides an affordable alternative to conventional housing options while their mobility makes for added ease and adventure!

Add Your Personal Touch

Are You Inspired By Moon Dragon Archways And Curves Perhaps Moon Dragon arches and curves have left you inspired to craft your very own Zyl Vardo? From fairy tale-esque designs to specific requests, Zyl Vardos have everything needed to fulfill any vision or requirement you might have in mind for creating the Zyl Vardo of your dreams!

Zyl Vardos’ Moon Dragon Tiny House stands as an impressive demonstration of creativity and craftsmanship that goes into designing extraordinary living spaces. From its fairytale exterior to the elegant design of its interior space, this tiny house provides an extraordinary dwelling experience – truly magical in both form and function! If you want a minimalist lifestyle without forgoing charm or functionality then perhaps this tiny home may just be what’s required!

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