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The Perfect Retreat: Discover the 1500 Sqft Family Cabin in Washington State

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NESTLED near Glacier, Washington lies the Baker Rim Cabin #17: an idyllic retreat for reconnecting with nature and experiencing rustic charm of wood cabin living. Inspired by Mount Baker, its two-story design boasts 1,500 square feet of living space on two stories; featuring two bedrooms and bathrooms as well as classic yet cozy style features and modern amenities that provide the ideal setting for relaxing retreat in Washington State’s natural splendor. In this article we’ll examine its features, allure and potential of log cabin design.

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Charming Rustic Elegance

The Baker Rim Cabin exudes rustic elegance with its welcoming ambience, featuring log walls and handcrafted wooden furnishings from its interior that give a relaxed yet natural ambiance, complementing perfectly its surroundings of wilderness. Furthermore, its open layout of living and dining areas encourages togetherness – providing an ideal space for spending quality time with loved ones.

Baker Rim Cabin captures both rustic charm and contemporary amenities to provide guests with an enjoyable stay in nature. New appliances in the kitchen – such as a dishwasher – allow easy cleanup after meals while Wi-Fi keeps guests connected while they take in nature’s peaceful beauty. It’s truly the best of both worlds at Baker Rim Cabin #17!

Living room with gas fireplace

Discovering Log Cabin Designs

Baker Rim Cabin #17 serves as an ideal starting point for designing log cabins, providing individuals who find inspiration in them with a point of reference when creating log house designs. By experiencing different log house accommodations and understanding one’s personal preferences and desired type of cabin construction – whether traditional log house features are desired or modern manufactured models; there are endless possibilities open for exploration!

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Small Log Cabins Are Becoming More Appealing.

Small log cabins have become incredibly popular due to their ease of construction and maintenance, offering individuals, couples, or small families seeking peace and serenity an idyllic retreat. But larger cabins or guesthouses may provide additional guests while still maintaining its intimate charm.

Dining Room and Living Room

Experience Never-Endless Creativity with VRBO

VRBO makes finding inspiration for log cabin designs easier by offering an extensive selection of log cabin rentals across North America and beyond. Through browsing listings, individuals can explore numerous small log cabins in various locations allowing them to experience firsthand different styles and architectural features which serve as invaluable reference when envisioning and designing their dream log cabin.

Unforgettable Getaways The Baker Rim Cabin #17 provides unforgettable getaways, not only for humans but also their four-legged guests – offering them a pet-friendly environment not always found elsewhere. Sleeping eight people maximum capacity this cozy log cabin creates the ideal setting where families and friends alike can form lasting memories amid nature’s stunning backdrop.

The Baker Rim Cabin #17 stands as a testament to log cabin architecture’s timeless allure and the allure of reconnecting with nature. Boasting classic style with modern comforts and situated on Washington State’s scenic Palouse coastline, it makes an idyllic escape for families or individuals seeking tranquillity and relaxation alike. VRBO also provides inspiration when renting log cabin rentals worldwide so the journey to creating your ideal dream cabin starts now!


More information can be found here: VRBO