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This 1,473 sq.ft log home is perfect for a small to medium family. Floor Plan Available!

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If you’ve been envisioning an picturesque log home the Killington cabin, by Coventry Log Homes might just be the choice for you. With its design and planned layout this log home creates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere that can comfortably accommodate a small to medium sized family. In this article we will delve into the features, layout and design options of the 1,473 sq ft Killington log home.

Living in a Craftsman Style Log Home

The Killington log home is part of Coventry Log Homes Craftsman Series, which highlights the beauty of exposed beams and captures the timeless charm of living in a log house. This specific model offers three bedrooms and two baths providing space for comfortable family living. The cathedral ceiling and open concept layout on the floor contribute to an airy and spacious feel.

Practical Layout Designed for Easy Living

as you step inside the Killington log home you’ll immediately appreciate its well designed layout that maximizes functionality and comfort. The main floor boasts a kitchen with a pantry as an inviting side porch thats perfect for outdoor grilling and dining. Additionally you’ll find two bedrooms with closets on this level along, with a bathroom.
Upstairs you’ll discover a bedroom a loft area and a complete bathroom.

Ample Living. High Ceilings

The Killington log home offers a living area where families can come together and create memories. The high vaulted ceiling adds to the feeling of openness while the open kitchen and living space create an inviting atmosphere. The front covered porch is another feature that provides a spot to unwind and appreciate the beautiful surroundings regardless of the weather.

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Customization Options and Design Flexibility

Coventry Log Homes understands that every homeowner has their own unique preferences and requirements. Therefore they offer customization options, for the Killington log home. You have the choice to include a wraparound terrace extending your living space outdoors and allowing you to fully embrace the environment. Additionally you can opt for a basement foundation which adds footage and opens up even more design possibilities for your cabin.

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Coventry Log Homes; Committed to Sustainability

By selecting a log from Coventry Log Homes you are embracing practices and making environmentally conscious decisions. With their experience of over 20 years in building log homes Coventry strictly adheres to building guidelines. They use all materials that’re free, from harmful contaminants while collaborating with local loggers who responsibly manage the natural resources utilized in their cabins.
Furthermore Coventry ensures that they recycle waste wood generated during the construction of log homes while also supplying farmers with wood shavings for a variety of purposes.

The Killington log home from Coventry Log Homes offers a combination of allure, practicality and contemporary comfort. With its designed layout, spacious interiors and customizable options this log home creates an inviting and sanctuary, for families of small to medium size. Whether you imagine unwinding on the porch hosting family gatherings, in the living area or immersing yourself in the beauty of nature the Killington log home provides an ideal environment to embrace the joys of log home living.

This Log House is designed and constructed by Coventry Log Homes.